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Founder and Managing Director of Red Umbrella

My formal training in public relations and marketing saw me running sales and branding strategies in the corporate world, but it’s my passion for making the world around me beautiful that inspired the beginning of Red Umbrella.

They say that in life, you should choose to do something you love and this company truly affords me the opportunity to pursue my passions and apply my strengths on a day-to-day basis. My practical nature ensures that the spaces in every clients’ home are always functional, but it’s my sense of style and fun that ensures they’re always interesting!

I aim to continue bringing an owner-managed, hands-on, can-do ethic to every staging project, because I really LOVE this work! That’s why you’ll often see me dragging a couch (carefully) across a lounge floor (despite protests from the team) or straightening a picture as I walk by.

Thank you for visiting our site, and I invite you to take advantage of our full-service home staging solutions… I look forward to seeing the value that Red Umbrella can unlock for you in your next property sale!